Air Tanzania Starts Flights to China

Air Tanzania Starts Flights to China

Air Tanzania plans to launch a new long-haul flight from Guangzhou to Dar Es Salaam in February 2020.

Tanzania’s flag carrier airline began intercontinental flights in 2018 with the purchase of a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. With a second Dreamliner now added to their fleet, Air Tanzania will use these planes to carry passengers to and from China. This move is backed by the Tanzanian Tourist Board (TTB), which hopes to attract 10,000 more tourists per year to the country.

This direct flight service will make it easy for travelers from Guangzhou to visit Dar Es Salaam and other parts of Tanzania, from Zanzibar to Kilimanjaro.

Flight Details: Guangzhou to Dar Es Salaam

Air Tanzania’s new Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner will fly from Guangzhou, the third-largest city in China (after Beijing and Shanghai) to Julius Nyerere International Airport in Tanzania’s former capital and current largest city: Dar Es Salaam. During the journey, the flight will have one stopover in the Thai capital of Bangkok.

The airline will run flights 3 times a week between the cities on:

  • Tuesday
  • Thursday
  • Saturday

Chinese travelers tend to prefer fast, direct flights, which led to the decision to use the new Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner for the entire Guangzhou route (Guangzhou to Bangkok and Bangkok to Dar Es Salaam).

How Long Does it Take to Fly from Tanzania to China?

The shortest possible journey time between the closest points in Tanzania and China would take around 10 hours. However, Guanzhou is farther east. The shortest journey from Dar Es Salaam currently available takes around 15 hours and 5 minutes (via Dubai). Other routes can take closer to 16 hours or longer with more than one stopover.

The new flight operated by Air Tanzania will go via Bangkok, Thailand. This is likely to take between 15 and 16 hours. The advantage of this new service is that it is a direct flight (i.e. passengers do not have to change aircraft at Bangkok).

Tanzanian Tour Packages for Chinese Visitors

Tour packages for Chinese travelers will be offered by Touchroad International Holdings Group (TIHG) in conjunction with the Tanzania Tourist Board.

TIHG is a Chinese multinational company which currently operates in over 20 countries in Africa in addition to Europe and America. It deals in cultural exchanges and tourism as well as international trade, investment, and other business operations.

TIHG is currently promoting Tanzanian holidays in China and will bring between 200 and 300 Chinese tourists to Tanzania each week.

How Much Will It Cost to Fly from Guangzhou to Tanzania?

Return fares for the new flight from Dar Es Salaam to Guangzhou via Bangkok have been set at the following prices (VAT included):

  • $650 to Guangzhou to Dar Es Salaam
  • $700 to Bangkok

In addition to airfare, travelers to Tanzania will have to obtain the relevant documentation to enter the country legally. Visitors of many nationalities (including Chinese citizens) must have a Tanzania eVisa and a valid passport to pass through border control.

Rather than having to travel to an embassy, there is an online application form for the Tanzania eVisa, which is quick and simple to complete compared to a consular application and avoids the need to queue for a visa on arrival.

Learn more about the difference between the Tanzanian eVisa and visa on arrival.

Why Fly From China to Tanzania?

Tanzania is a highly desirable destination for holidaymakers of all types. From the sunny beaches of Zanzibar to the heights of Mount Kilimanjaro; from shopping in the urban metropolis of Dar Es Salaam to going on safari in the wilds of the Serengeti, Tanzania has something for everyone.

Popular types of holiday in Tanzania include:

  • Beach holidays: visitors can relax by the clear blue waters of the island of Zanzibar or on the coast of the Indian Ocean.
  • City breaks: whether for history, art, or shopping, there are many reasons to visit Dar Es Salaam.
  • Safari: seeing wildlife such as lions and elephants in the world-famous Serengeti National Park is a truly African experience.
  • Hiking: Tanzania is home to the highest point in Africa — Mount Kilimanjaro, which attracts thousands of hiking enthusiasts each year.

Tanzania is generally a very affordable holiday destination. Travel costs tend to be low within the country and accommodation costs are often very reasonable, even for luxurious hotels. Learn more about prices and expenses for travel to Tanzania.

The other big advantage of traveling to Tanzania for Chinese visitors is that the country introduced an eVisa in 2018. This makes the country easily accessible for nationals of eligible countries. Citizens of China are eligible to apply as long as they meet all the entry and visa requirements for Tanzania.