Tanzania eVisa Application Form

Applying for a Tanzania eVisa

Learn how to apply for your Tanzania eVisa in a quick and easy way without having to visit an embassy or worry about getting a Tanzania visa on arrival. The Tanzania eVisa application form is a straightforward online application system that allows you to apply for a visa for Tanzania without any hassle.

Tanzania Electronic Visa Application System

Applying for a Tanzania eVisa is much easier than applying for a visa at an embassy or applying for a Tanzania visa on arrival. The Tanzania visa application form is a simple form that can be completed and submitted online. After submitting your visa application and paying the visa fee, your Tanzania visa request will be processed and ultimately accepted or denied.

All notifications and updates concerning your Tanzania visa application will be communicated to applicants via email. The final communication regarding the ultimate decision as to whether the Tanzania visa will be accepted or denied will also be sent via email. For more information on visa issuance, acceptance and denial, consult the Tanzania eVisa requirements prior to sending off your application. This will help to avoid any hiccups during the application that can elsewhere be avoided.

Applicants will receive information regarding their Tanzania visa application form via email but there is also the possibility that applicants are asked to visit their nearest embassy or consulate for an interview. While it is unlikely to happen often, this will be a minor protocol for a minority of Tanzania visa applications.

Apply for Tanzania Visa

Steps for Completing Tanzania Visa Application Form

tanzania visa application formBefore filling out the Tanzania visa application form, it’s a good idea to check the following information:

  • Different types of visa for Tanzania
  • Whether you need a visa
  • Check if you are a citizen of a country that needs a referral visa
  • Which documents you need
  • Additional entry requirements (i.e., proof of a return ticket)

Once you have verified that you’re eligible for Tanzania visa application and have decided which type of visa is apt for your travel plans, you can apply for your Tanzania eVisa by completing and submitting the Tanzania visa application form.

The Tanzania visa application form will require applicants to provide their personal details and details of their planned trip. Applicants will also be required to provide their passport details and remember to check that their passport is valid for at least 6 more months at the time of visa application.