Embassies and Tourist Offices of Tanzania

tanzania embassies

For visa applicants who require further information or wish to inquire about a Tanzania visa or travel plans, the following embassies may be able to provide information tailored specifically to you and nationality-specific regulations.

Remember that applying for a visa for Tanzania no longer has to involve visiting an embassy, as you can apply for a visa online by filling out the Tanzania eVisa application form and submitting it. You can also pay for your visa online when submitting the form, hereby completely avoiding any need to visit an embassy.

However, sometimes it may be beneficial to visit the closest Tanzanian embassy to you, in case you have a more complex situation, questions or are overall unsure about your trip to Tanzania and how to apply for a visa.

Tanzanian Embassies around the World

Indian nationals who are looking for more information regarding a Tanzanian visa can contact the Tanzanian Embassy in India at the following address:

  • The High Commission for the United Republic of Tanzania
  • EP 15C,
  • Chanakyapuri
  • Chandragupta Marg
  • Malcha
  • New Delhi
  • Delhi 110021
  • India

American nationals who wish to contact the Tanzanian Embassy in the U.S. can do so at the following address:

  • Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania:
  • 1232 22nd St NW
  • Washington
  • DC 20037
  • Unites States

Canadian nationals can visit the Tanzanian High Commission in Ottawa at the following address:

  • Tanzanian High Commission Ottawa
  • 50 Tange Rd
  • Ottawa
  • ON K1N 8J4
  • Canada

Tourist Offices and Embassies in Tanzania

In all touristic areas of Tanzania, such as Dar-es-Salam, Tanga, Arusha, and Zanzibar, there are Tanzania Tourist Boards and tourist offices that you can visit while in Tanzania.

Most embassies are situated in Dar-es-Salam. For example:

  • Embassy of China
  • Embassy of Japan
  • Embassy of the United States of America
  • Embassy of Canada
  • Embassy of Brazil
  • Embassy of Italy
  • Embassy of France
  • Embassy of Spain
  • Embassy of Turkey
  • Embassy of Poland
  • Embassy of Norway
  • Embassy of Denmark
  • Embassy of Qatar
  • Embassy of Egypt
  • Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
  • Embassy of Vietnam
  • Embassy of Russia

There are many other embassies in Tanzania, should travelers require national assistance while in Tanzania. Although the Tanzania eVisa can be applied for online before traveling to Tanzania, extending your visa or other complications, such as passport or visa loss, must be resolved at your national embassy in Tanzania.