Printing the Tanzanian eVisa for Border Control

Printing the Tanzanian eVisa for Border Control

A confusing aspect of the online process for applying for a visa to Tanzania entails printing the Tanzania eVisa for border control. Many travelers ask whether it is necessary to print the eVisa in order to pass through border control.

The Tanzania eVisa is an online visa that can be obtained electronically via an online application process. This process avoids the need to apply at an embassy or consulate, with no need to fill out paperwork or send anything by post.

The online visa application for Tanzania is much more simple. Applicants can fill out the application form and receive their visa at the email address provided. Your application will be attached to your profile digitally in the eVisa system of Immigration Control in Tanzania. However, this may still require you to print your eVisa once you have obtained it electronically.

Is It Necessary to Print out an eVisa?

Applicants who choose to apply for a Tanzanian visa online are recommended to print out their visa when traveling to Tanzania. This may not seem necessary considering the fact that the visa application process is completed online in order to register your passport to a visa electronically. However, there are many reasons as to why you should print your eVisa for Tanzania.

  • In the event of losing travel documents such as a passport, a hard copy of your visa may come in useful for identification.
  • Travelers may be asked to present proof of a valid visa while in Tanzania. In the unlikely event that this were to happen, it could be demanded by police or your accommodation administration. Should it be requested, a hard copy may be required.
  • Upon arrival at the border, it may be necessary to provide a paper copy of your eVisa. This could be for many reasons, such as a system failure or more thorough check at border control.

The above examples are reasons for printing out your electronic visa for Tanzania. Travelers are also recommended to carry a photocopy of their passport and other travel documents that could be necessary whilst traveling abroad.

How to Print out an eVisa for Tanzania

Applicants only need to print out the eVisa that is emailed once the visa application process has been finalized. In order to complete this process, applicants should start by applying for a Tanzanian eVisa by filling out the application form. Once all information has been submitted, the application will be sent to be scanned and approved by the Tanzanian Government.

After the application has been revised, applicants will receive an email regarding the status of their visa. Once the eVisa has been confirmed as approved, applicants should open the attachment to check that the eVisa is valid and that the information displayed is correct. The final step is printing the eVisa document.

How Many Copies of the eVisa Should be Printed?

At least one copy of the eVisa should be printed before traveling to Tanzania. However, it is always wise to print a spare copy and keep it in a different place. Those traveling with others can also give each other copies of their eVisa.

If you are traveling with other people, it could be a good idea to email each other your eVisas in case you are unable to access your email before or while on holiday and need to re-print your eVisa.

When to Print the eVisa

While some people may prefer to print their eVisa right away, others may wish to leave it for just before the trip. This is entirely up to the traveler. As long as the eVisa is printed prior to departure, travelers will be able to present a paper copy of the eVisa at the border upon arrival.

It is not recommended that travelers attempt to print their eVisa whilst traveling or at the airport. There is no guarantee that you will be able to find somewhere to print your eVisa. Hence, it is advised that travelers print their eVisa before traveling.