Tanzanian eVisa for Algerian Citizens

Tanzania Visa Requirements for Algeria

The government of Tanzania launched the Tanzania eVisa in 2018 and this has meant that getting a visa for Tanzania is quicker, cheaper, and more advantageous since there is no more need to visit a local embassy or consulate in order to apply for one.

Over 150 countries can now apply for an eVisa to Tanzania, including eligible Algerian citizens.

What Type of Tanzania Visa can Algerian Citizens Apply For?

It is important to note that there are various different types of visas for Tanzania depending on your purpose for traveling to the east African country and also depending on the duration of stay.

All international citizens, including Algerian passport holders, are required to check which visa type best suits their needs before applying.

Travelers have four main visa types to choose from:

  • Tanzanian single-entry visa. If Algerian passengers’ objective is to visit Tanzania for leisure, tourism, or short-term healthcare then they are eligible for this type of visa. They can only enter once to Tanzania
  • Multiple-entry visa to Tanzania. This visa type allows Algerians to enter Tanzania several times over a total validity of 12 months. The maximum allowed stay in Egypt per visit is 3 months
  • Business Tanzanian visa. Applicants from Algeria must provide a valid work contract and travel for reasons such as legal business, special work assignments, professional duties or to invest in Tanzanian businesses
  • Transit visa. Best suits Algerian travelers who are passing through Tanzania or need to stop over in the country for a maximum of 7 days

The most popular Tanzanian visa type for Algerian nationals is the tourist visa, Algerian applicants should decide whether they need a multiple-entry visa type or single-entry visa type based on their travel needs.

Tanzania Online Application Form for Algerian Nationals

Algerian citizens are amongst the eligible citizens who can successfully apply for an eVisa to Tanzania. The online Tanzania visa application form is extremely straightforward, and easy, while completion of the form usually takes only a few minutes to complete.

There are a few necessary requirements in which Algerian citizens must fulfill and respect in order to successfully receive the electronic visa:

  • Personal information such as full name, date of birth and country of birth must be inputted
  • Passport details must also be inputted, details such as the passport number and the expiry date
  • Any knowledge regarding the Algerian applicant’s health history must be declared as well as any past criminal history (if any)

This information as well as the necessary requirements must be submitted throughout the online application form in order to successfully obtain the Tanzania visa.

Tanzania eVisa Mandatory Requirements for Algerian Citizens

Before applying for the Tanzania online electronic Algerian passport holders must make sure they have the following documents to hand, which are known as the Tanzania eVisa entry requirements:

A valid and authentic passport

The passport must be issued by the Algerian government and it must have at least a minimum of at least 6 months’ validity upon arrival in Tanzania. Ensure that all the information from the biographical page of the passport is clearly visible and easy to read.

A passport-style photo

A personal headshot of the Algerian passenger must be submitted. Make sure the photo is clear and provided with high resolution.

A valid credit or debit card

Payment for the Tanzanian visa processing fees will be requested once the online application form has been completely filled out and the applicant is at the final stage of completion.

Proof of return flight to Algeria

Algerian citizens are also required to provide evidence of the return flight back to their home country. This is so that the government of Tanzania can validate that the applicant is complying with the Tanzanian eVisa conditions of the allowed continuous stay, which is a maximum of 3 months.

Vaccinations when traveling from Algeria to Tanzania

Tropical diseases are a common factor within the continent of Africa and measures around vaccinations when visiting Tanzania should always be taken into account. Therefore, it is highly recommended to book an appointment with your local doctor at least 6 weeks before your scheduled trip to the African country.

Like many other countries, Tanzania requires visitors traveling from infected areas of yellow fever to receive the yellow fever vaccination before arriving in Tanzania.

Tanzania eVisa: possibility of an extension for Algerians visitors

Algerian visitors traveling to Tanzania may want to extend their stay for a longer period of time. This can be done at the immigration office in the capital of Dar es Salaam once the visitor is already in Tanzania.

More details about extending an eVisa to Tanzania as Algerian citizens should be taken into consideration before considering this possibility.

Algerians Obtaining a Tanzanian Visa On Arrival

As well as opting for an online electronic visa, Algerian citizens also have the opportunity to receive a Tanzanian Visa on Arrival.

Please be advised that this option requires more preparation as Algerian travelers are expected to pay in cash for the Tanzanian Visa on Arrival, which typically costs around 50 USD although in some cases it can cost up to 100 USD.

Visitors applying on arrival will also be asked to provide:

  • Evidence of the return flight (a printed or digital copy of the original flight booking)
  • Provide an authentic passport with a minimum validity of 6 months

Algerian travelers wishing to receive a Visa on Arrival should note that if all the requirements and supporting documents are not met they could face visa’s refusal upon entry.