Tanzania Visa for Bulgarian Citizens

How to Apply for a Tanzania e-Visa as a Bulgarian

There are only a couple of countries worldwide that have been exempt from first having to apply for a visa to enter and travel around Tanzania. Most foreign nationals, including citizens from Bulgaria, must obtain a visa if they wish to visit the country of Tanzania.

Thanks to the new e-Visa system which was introduced in November of 2018, there is currently an easy way to apply for a Tanzania e-Visa as a Bulgarian citizen. This new e-Visa was introduced to help boost security and make the whole visa process at immigration and border control faster. It is also anticipated that this electronic process will improve tourism and aid in border control.

Visa Requirements for Bulgarian Citizens

To be able to apply for a Tanzania e-Visa online prior to embarking on the trip to Tanzania, Bulgarian citizens must fulfill a couple of Tanzania visa requirements and make sure that they have all the required documentation in place. Bulgarian nationals are required to have the following:

  • A Bulgarian passport that will still be valid for six months (or longer) from the date that they plan to enter Tanzania
  • A digital copy of their passport photo or a photo that has the same style and dimensions
  • A scanned copy of the page in their passport with all the information
  • A return ticket to Bulgaria or another onward destination

In addition, an applicant might also have to get certain vaccinations before leaving for Tanzania. It will depend on where he/she is from and where he/she has already visited or plan to visit, but some Bulgarian citizens could be asked by an immigration official to provide a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate. For this reason, all applicants are urged to find out more about the places that they plan to visit while they will be visiting in Tanzania to make sure that everything is correct with their vaccination record.

Lastly, Bulgarian citizens might also be requested to provide other supporting documents such as a valid work permit should they want to complete volunteer work while in Tanzania. This work permit has to be organized by the employer or organization.

How to Complete the Application Form Online from Bulgaria

Citizens from Bulgaria can also apply for a Tanzania visa on arrival when they enter Tanzania. However, this process is much slower and travelers will also be asked to pay a fee that can vary in amount, which makes it difficult to plan ahead. Therefore, it is recommended that travelers who wish to enter Tanzania, instead use the efficient electronic system.

If the applicant has a valid passport, he/she can apply for a visa online from Bulgaria by completing the online visa application form. This form has only a couple of simple questions. For example, applicants will be requested to share his/her:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Country of birth
  • Gender
  • Proposed date of arrival
  • Reason for wishing to travel to Tanzania
  • Valid email address
  • Contact number

This application form will also request the following information with regards to the passport that the applicant will use:

  • Date on which it was issued and will expire
  • Country where it was issued
  • Passport number

After these questions have been completed and the payment has been made, applicants will be notified by means of email to acknowledge that their application has been received. All other communication will also be sent by means of email to the address that has been provided on the online application form. Thus, applicants are asked to make sure that they have provided the right email address and to check their inboxes every couple of days.

Lastly, Bulgarian citizens who would like to apply are also strongly urged to start with the application process at least a week or more prior to their proposed date of departure. Even though the Tanzania e-Visa applications are under normal circumstances processed between four to six business days, it could sometimes take longer than this. Therefore, it is a good idea to complete the application form well before the departure date to make sure that it will be processed and received on time. As errors can also lead to possible delays, all applicants are also requested to go over all their answers before pressing the “Submit” button.