Tanzania eVisa for Cameroon Nationals

Visa Entry Requirements for Cameroonians Entering Tanzania

Cameroon is one of the eligible countries enabled to apply for an electronic travel authorization to enter Tanzania., also known as Tanzanian eVisa.

It is a mandatory requirement to get a visa in order to enter the nation, and Cameroonians can apply online for getting the eVisa to Tanzania without taking previous appointments at any embassy or consulate.

The electronic version of Tanzania’s visa allows the entrance to foreigners visiting the country because of tourism, business affairs, or even transit matters for up to 3 months.

Do Cameroon Citizens Need to Apply for a Tanzania eVisa?

Yes, Cameroonians need a visa to enter Tanzania. However, they must notice there are several types of Tanzanian visas.

For example, if Cameroonian travelers are arriving in Tanzania because of business affairs, they should obtain a Tanzania business travel permit; and if they have programmed diverse visits throughout the year, it is suitable to apply directly for a multiple-entry eVisa.

On the other hand, Tanzania’s transit visa allows its applicant to explore the country for 7 consecutive days. Nonetheless, it is necessary to demonstrate that travelers of Cameroon have bought the flight to another country, not being Tanzania the final destination of the trip.

In any case, it is extremely important that Cameroonian travelers leave Tanzania before their visa has expired, as remaining in the country with valid travel authorization can have legal consequences.

For those Cameroonians that want to remain more than three consecutive months, the process has to be done in person directly at the Immigration Headquarters in Dar es Salaam. To extend an eVisa to Tanzania is only possible once Cameroonian tourists have arrived in Tanzania.

Do Cameroon Nationals Need a Visa to Enter Zanzibar Island?

Tanzania has large wildlife, famous safaris, and beautiful landscapes, but one of the most touristic points, both for Africans such as Cameroonians and citizens of other continents, is Zanzibar with its paradisiacal coasts.

This island is part of Tanzania, but it has its own control, as a semi-autonomous region. In order for Cameroonians to arrive there, it is necessary to have the eVisa to Tanzania.

Zanzibar has its own airport, which is international, and after landing the border authorities will ask tourists of Cameroon and other nations to show their Tanzanian eVisa and their passports. The same if Cameroonians are thinking about arriving in Zanzibar by boat, as the harbor is in Tanzania coast and it is necessary to cross its borders.

Tanzania eVisa Requirements for Cameroon

To enter the country as Cameroonian with an electronic visa implies meeting Tanzania’s eVisa entry requirements, which is a very precise, limited set of conditions, terms, and documents that need to be submitted.

First, travelers of Cameroon will need to present a valid Cameroonian passport with a validity of at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Tanzania.

Depending on the purpose of the trip and the electronic visa chosen (single-entry or multiple-entry permit), Tanzanian authorities can ask for extra documentation to Cameroonians, especially if the main reason for the trip is business affairs.

Another prerequisite needed from Cameroonians is having an active email address since all the process is updated via email and the eVisa is sent as an attached document.

Being in possession of a credit or debit card is also necessary, as the final step applicants of Cameroon must complete is the payment of the visa fee. The payment process is highly secure and it does not require more information than the card number and the CVV number.

How to Apply Online for a Tanzanian Visa as Cameroon National

The eVisa to Tanzania online application form takes no more than a few minutes to fill in. It is necessary that Cameroonians complete registration with an email address and follow the steps of the form.

The online form is well adapted to different kinds of electronic devices, such as:

  • laptops
  • smartphones
  • desktops
  • tablets

It is highly recommended that applicants of Cameroon are connected to the internet and sure that there are not any network interruption.

Once the form is filled with all the personal information (name, surname, place of birth, natal date) and the data from the passport, applicants of Cameroon must access the payment platform.

After paying the Tanzania eVisa fee, the document will be sent to Cameroonians at the same email address used when registered.

Cameroonians should notice that having a valid eVisa does not guarantee the entrance to Tanzania. The border control authorities are the latest in deciding if foreigners can enter.

Cameroon nationals have the possibility of asking for a visa to Tanzania directly when arriving in the country, which is known as Tanzania’s Visa on Arrival, but the process is more complicated than online and it requires to bring physically all the documents that are asked.

Tanzania eVisa Processing Time From Cameroon

The eVisa to Tanzania is usually approved and sent in no more than 3 business days to Cameroonians. However, sometimes there might be a delay.

In order to avoid problems of not having an electronic visa before the departure day, Cameroon nationals are advised to start their online process at least 15 days in advance.

Traveling From Cameroon to Tanzania: Key Details

To arrive from Cameroon to Tanzania is not a fast trip. Cameroonians have the possibility of diving into an adventure if they choose to travel to Tanzania by road.

The fact that Tanzania has different international airports opens the possibility of a safe and relatively fast trip since a flight from Yaounde to Dodoma takes between 11 or 14 hours. There are no direct flights from Cameroon to Tanzania by the moment.

No less important than the way of traveling is to be medically prepared. Africa is doing a huge effort to eradicate most of the current diseases, such as ebola, but it is a hard and slow process. Cameroonians should talk with their doctors just in case they need extra vaccines in order to arrive in Tanzania and to enjoy the trip without worries.

Families will find an amusing place for children. Minors have to bring their own Tanzanian eVisa, as an adult, and need to have their own passport.