Tanzania Visa from UAE

Entry Requirements for Emirati Citizens

Citizens from several countries have to apply for a visa if they wish to travel to Tanzania for tourism, transit, or business purposes. Fortunately, citizens from the United Arab Emirates can currently apply for a Tanzania e-Visa from the comfort of their own home by means of the Internet and will need only a couple of minutes. The Tanzania e-Visa is an electronic travel authorization that allows Emirati passport holders and citizens from other eligible countries to enter and travel around in Tanzania. This new efficient application process was introduced by the Tanzanian government in November of 2018 with the goal of boosting security and speeding up the process of applying for a visa.

Requirements to Apply for a Tanzania Visa for Emirati Citizens

All Emirati passport holders who would like to visit Tanzania will have to apply for a visa first. However, the Tanzania visa requirements for Emirati citizens are very simple and the application process is quick and easy.

There are only a few minimum visa requirements that Emirati nationals must fulfill. However, it is very important that all applicants meet each of the requirements before they can apply for a Tanzania visa online from the United Arab Emirates.

All applicants who wish to apply for a visa must first make sure that their passport will still be valid for six months (at least) on the day of the proposed arrival. An applicant must also be able to provide a digital copy of his/her passport photo.

The other requirements that all applicants must meet are:

  • He/she must be a citizen from one of the eligible countries of which the United Arab Emirates is one
  • He/she must complete the application form online and ensure to complete all the steps
  • He/she must make a payment via a valid debit or credit card

They might also need other supporting documents like a valid work permit should they complete volunteer work while in Tanzania. The employer or organization where they will volunteer should organize this work permit.

Furthermore, travelers might also be obliged to get certain vaccinations. Depending on where they are from and where they have visited or plan to visit, certain applicants could be requested by immigration officials to deliver a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate. Thus, all applicants are advised to read up about the places that they plan to visit while they will be in Tanzania to ensure that their vaccination record is up to date.

Tanzania e-Visa Application Form Online for Emirati Citizens

Rather than having to visit the embassy in person or standing in a queue at the border, Emirati passport holders can apply for their visas online. Although, in rare instances, an applicant can still be requested to visit his/her closest embassy for an interview. This is simply an insignificant official procedure that might apply to only a handful of applications.

If the applicant’s passport is in order, he/she can proceed to complete the online visa application form. There are only a few basic questions that must be answered. Details that the applicant will be requested to share include his/her:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Country of citizenship
  • Planned date of arrival
  • Reason for visiting Tanzania
  • Email address
  • Mobile number

The application form will also ask for the following details regarding the passport that is used:

  • Date on which it will expire
  • Country where it was issued
  • Date on which it has been issued
  • Passport number

After all these questions have been answered and payment details were shared, applicants will receive an email as proof that their application has been received. All future communication (this includes whether or not the application has been successful) will also be forwarded via email to the address that has been provided on the online application form. Therefore, all applicants are urged to check their inboxes regularly.

Also, to minimize the possibility of a delay, all applicants are asked to double-check their answers to the questions. If an error has been made, it can lead to issues and/or delays.

Lastly, travelers who wish to apply are also advised to apply for their Tanzania e-Visa for Emirati citizens at least seven days before their date of departure. Although the visa applications are more often than not processed within only four to six days, it might take longer in some instances. It is, therefore, good practice to apply well in advance to ensure it is received on time and prevent disappointment.