Tanzania Visa from Fiji

Entry Requirements for Fijian Citizens

It is much easier to apply for a visa online before traveling to Tanzania than getting a visa on arrival or paying a visit to the embassy. Thus, if it is at all possible, it is strongly advisable to apply for a visa online prior to embarking. This way travelers are less likely to encounter any problems and can feel more relaxed about the visa requirements to enter Tanzania.

Do Fijian Citizens Need a Visa to Enter Tanzania?

Fiji is one of the countries that need to apply for a visa in order to enter and travel around Tanzania. Travelers should note that staying in Tanzania after visas have expired can lead to arrest, deportation and/or a fine. Therefore, it is imperative that travelers make sure that all the required documents are valid for the duration of their stay.

Documents Required to Apply for a Tanzania e-Visa as a Fijian

In addition to a valid visa, travelers will also need a valid passport in order to be able to enter Tanzania. It is important to note that the passport should still be valid for a minimum of six months after the proposed date of arrival. A digital copy of the applicant’s passport photo will also be required.

There are also certain vaccinations that are compulsory. Depending on their nationality and the regions that they have visited or plan to travel to, some travelers might be asked by immigration officials to provide their Yellow Fever Certificate to show that they have received the vaccine. Therefore, travelers are strongly urged to research the regions that they plan to travel to while in Tanzania to make sure that they have received all the vaccinations required. For example, those who wish to travel to Zanzibar might be asked to show their Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate.

Travelers who wish to get involved in volunteering while in Tanzania should also be able to offer a valid work permit. The organization where the volunteer work will be completed or an employer is responsible to organize this work permit.

Lastly, it is also key that travelers have a return ticket to Fiji or any other destination outside of Tanzania before they can enter the country. Without proof of a planned departure, travelers stand the risk of being refused entry to Tanzania.

How to Apply for an e-Visa From Fiji

Before nationals from Fiji can apply for an e-Visa for Tanzania, they must first check the general Tanzania visa requirements for Fijian citizens to see if they are eligible to apply for the visa.

Fortunately, the visa application process is uncomplicated and painless. Travelers who would like to visit Tanzania for purposes relating to transit, business or tourism simply need to follow the following simple steps.

  1. Completing the Tanzania e-Visa Application by filling out the straightforward confidential application form with their first name, surname, date of birth, gender and country of citizenship
  2. Travelers will be asked to share their passport details such as date on which it will expire, country, date on which it has been issued, and passport number
  3. Travelers from Fiji will need to supply a valid email address and contact number
  4. They will also be asked to share their travel plans that include details regarding the planned date of arrival and reason for visiting Tanzania
  5. The last information that will be requested is the payment details on a secure payment page – fill out the payment details and click on the button to submit the payment

After all these steps have been completed, applicants will receive a message by means of email to confirm that their application was received. Any further communication will also be sent by means of email to the email address that was filled in on the application form. Whether or not the application was successful will also be communicated via email.

Though, there is a small chance that an applicant will be requested to visit the consulate or embassy that is closest to them to complete an interview. This is merely a minor official procedure that might apply to a small number of Tanzania visa online applications from Fiji.