Tanzania Visa for Polish Citizens

eVisa for Tanzania from Poland

Tanzania has some of the biggest national parks in Africa, as well as the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar, world-class safari expeditions, and, of course, the famous Mount Kilimanjaro. No matter if you want a relaxing beach vacation, an exciting expedition through safari lands, or to push your limit and climb Africa’s tallest mountain, Tanzania has it all.

However, before Polish citizens can pack their bags and jump on the next available plane to Kilimanjaro Airport, it is important to note that they must have a visa to enter the country. Getting a visa to Tanzania can be done from the comfort of your own home in Poland and is easy and quick. The process usually takes less than an hour, and applicants can expect to have their visa processed in less than three business days.

Learn more about the requirements, the documents needed to submit an online application, and what to expect for your Tanzania visa application.

What Documents Do Polish Citizens Require for a Tanzania e-Visa?

There are a handful of documents required for Polish citizens to submit if they want to obtain a Tanzania e-Visa. These are items that you may already have and include but are not limited to the following:

  • Passport: The Polish traveler’s passport must have at least six (6) months of validity before they can enter the country of Tanzania. Likewise, it is important to note that the passport must have at least one empty page in their passport.
  • Personal information: When completing the application, the Polish citizen must provide a few personal details, including but not limited to their name, place of birth, current residence, details about his or her parents, and place of employment
  • Passport information: The Polish traveler will also have to provide their passport information, such as the passport number, date of expiry, place of issuance, and so forth
  • Travel information: Likewise, the Polish traveler must also provide their travel plans and itinerary. This includes the port of entry, how many days they plan to stay in the country, information about the accommodation, and other required details
  • Copy of passport: All Polish travelers will need to submit a scanned copy of their biographic data page, which details their personal information and passport information
  • Application fee: To complete the application, the Polish traveler will need to pay an application fee (which varies based on the type of visa). It is therefore necessary to have a valid form of payment for the electronic visa, such as a credit or debit card

How to Apply for Tanzania Visa from Poland

In order to obtain a Tanzania visa for Polish citizens, travelers must fill out the online application form. There, he or she will be required to enter the necessary information, which includes their personal details, passport data, and travel itinerary. After the application is complete, travelers will need to upload the relevant documentation (such as a copy of their passport page) and pay the application fee.

It takes less than one hour to fill out the application, and applicants can expect to hear the decision within a few business days. The usual processing time for a Tanzania electronic visa is around 3 business days. However, this could fluctuate based on demand and the tourism season.

After the application has been approved, all applicants are encouraged to print out the confirmation email before they enter Tanzania, in case the immigration officer has further questions or needs to see the physical copy of the e-Visa approval.

Once travelers have gathered the necessary documents and are up to date on the requirements, it is easy to apply for a Tanzania e-Visa from Poland. It takes less than one hour to fill out the application form, three days to get an approval, and you are all set to travel to Tanzania.