Tanzania Visa From Saudi Arabia

Entry Requirements for Saudi Citizens

Traveling to Tanzania today is on many people’s bucket list, especially considering the warm culture and allure of Mount Kilimanjaro, which offers a remarkable mountain climbing experience.

With the Tanzania eVisa, Saudi nationals may visit both mainland Tanzania and the beautiful island of Zanzibar.

The introduction of this new online Tanzanian visa application means that Saudi Arabian citizens can apply for their visas from the comfort of their homes.

How to Apply Online for Tanzania Visa From Saudi Arabia

All a Saudi Arabian needs to apply for the Tanzania eVisa is a computer with a good internet connection plus all the submitting the required documents as per the visa they intend to obtain.

Before starting the application process, Saudi travelers are advised to read through the following Tanzania eVisa entry requirements keenly to increase their chance of success.

Tanzania eVisa Requirements for Saudi Arabian Nationals

All Saudi passengers planning to enter Tanzania via an electronic travel permit, such as the tourist Tanzanian eVisa, will need to present and comply with the following conditions, terms, and prerequisites:

  • A valid Saudi passport with at least six months’ validity left before the expiration date and one unused page at the time of application
  • A scanned image of the passport biographical page with all relevant personal details (name, nationality, date of birth, and date of expiry) in PDF format
  • A passport-style photograph taken no more than six months from the date of application for the electronic visa. The photograph must be clear, showing the face from the center of the head to the chin and taken against a white background
  • A scan of the national identity document in PDF format
  • A dully filled declaration form
  • The required funds for meeting the eVisa application fees, which can be paid via credit/debit card, or direct transfer into the bank account

The traveler will have to apply for the right eVisa category; otherwise, their application will be rejected.

Note: Saudi nationals traveling with children to Tanzania will need to complete another application form on their behalf.

Application fees are nonrefundable for any unsuccessful application. The Tanzania Immigration services may offer or withhold reasons for rejection of Visas to applicants.

Upon uploading all the necessary documents to the website, an email containing a user ID number that the Saudi traveler can use to track the application process will be sent.

After filling the online Tanzania visa application form, Saudi citizens will make the required payment, and a notification of payment receipt will be sent.

Other Tanzanian Visas Available for Saudi Arabia

There is more than one Tanzania visa available for Saudi Arabia nationals. They can choose from an array of travel permits, depending on the reasons why they need to visit the country and the time they will stay in Tanzania.

Tanzania ordinary or single-entry visa for Saudis

This eVisa, also known as the Tanzanian tourist visa, is granted to Saudi nationals wishing to enter Tanzania for tourism, leisure, charity activities, to visit family and friends, holidays, and to attend any conferences.

Its validity lasts 90 days from the date of entry.

Tanzanian Business eVisa for Saudi Arabia travelers

This visa is available for Saudi business executives intending to conduct commercial affairs within the country for periods not exceeding three months.

Such affairs include short-term training, machine repairs, the establishment of professional and business contacts and networks, and account auditing.

To obtain the business eVisa, Saudi travelers will have to provide evidence that the business assignment will take no more than 90 days, such as a work contract or assignment, a letter of invitation from the parties they intend to conduct business with, as well as a valid passport, national ID, and passport-style photograph as highlighted above.

Multiple-entry eVisa to Tanzania from Saudi Arabia

The multiple-entry eVisa is for Saudi nationals whose nature of businesses or other affairs and circumstances require them to visit Tanzania frequently. Such include directors of companies registered in Tanzania or persons married to Tanzanian residents or government consultants.

To receive this eVisa, the applicant of Saudi Arabia must attach a marriage certificate if visiting a spouse, or a cover letter with company letterhead detailing the reason and nature of the frequent visits to the country.

Tanzania Transit Visa for Saudis

This eVisa is issued to Saudi nationals intending to transit through Tanzania as they journey along for a period not exceeding seven days.

For this eVisa, the applicant of Saudi Arabia must produce evidence of the onward journey, such as a ticket and a visa for the country of destination. This visa may not be issued for tourism purposes.

Tanzanian Visa on Arrival for Saudi Arabia

A Visa on Arrival to enter Tanzania is also available for Saudi Arabians. The requirements needed are similar to the ones established for the tourist eVisa, however, a Visa on Arrival (VoA) usually carries more paperwork since all the documents and the payment of the fee is required on-site when travelers land on Tanzanian territory.

Tanzania eVisa processing time for Saudi Nationals

The time taken to process applications for the Tanzanian electronic visa is ten days from the time of making payments.

Applicants of Saudi Arabia are advised to wait for the approval message via their email before commencing their travels to Tanzania.

They can always use their applicant ID to track the status of their application online.