Tanzania Visa for South Sudanese Citizens

Visa Requirements for South Sudanese Nationals

Citizens from South Sudan, together with most other nationalities, must first complete a visa application form online if they plan to enter and travel around in Tanzania. Luckily this application process is very simple and can be completed quickly.

Instead of wasting time in a long queue at the Tanzanian border or having to visit the embassy in person, South Sudanese passport holders can now apply for their Tanzania e-Visa online without even having to leave their home or office. This efficient online application process was first introduced by the Tanzanian government in November of 2018 with the objective of giving a boost to security and cutting back on the time required for the visa application process.

How to Apply for a Tanzania Online Visa as a South Sudanese Citizen

The introduction of the Tanzania e-Visa scheme has really streamlined the visa application process for passport holders of certain countries such as South Sudan. Now eligible South Sudanese nationals just have to answer a couple of basic questions. The following are examples of what an applicant will be asked to provide:

  • His/her passport number
  • His/her personal particulars that include his/her first name, surname, gender, date of birth
  • His/her contact details
  • The country where his/her passport was issued
  • The date on which the passport was issued and will expire
  • Travel information such as the proposed arrival date and purpose for visiting Tanzania

It is very important that applicants provide a valid email address that they still have access to as the relevant authorities will let them know by means of email, whether or not their application has been approved. Also, all future communication will be communicated via the email address that has been provided.

Any error on the application form can also possibly result in delays and, therefore, all applicants are asked to check their details carefully before clicking on to submit the payment. This is to ensure that everything is right and corresponds to the information on their original travel documents.

What South Sudanese Citizens Need to Apply for a Tanzania e-Visa

South Sudanese nationals must meet only a couple of requirements if they would like to enter and travel around in Tanzania. Even though these visa requirements for South Sudanese citizens are all very basic, it is key that all applicants meet each of these requirements before starting the application process to minimize delays and subsequent disappointment.

Citizens from South Sudan who would like to fill out an application form for a Tanzanian e-Visa must be in possession of a passport that will still be valid for at least six months after the date of arrival. Please keep in mind that applicants might also be requested to provide other supporting documents that are required for South Sudanese nationals. These include:

  • A digital copy of their passport photo
  • Vaccination record
  • Work permit (if they wish to do volunteer work)
  • A return ticket to South Sudan or any other destination outside of Tanzania

With regards to the vaccination record, it is important to note that there are certain vaccinations that are required. Some travelers might get requested by an immigration official to provide a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate if they come from a certain country or wish to travel to a specific region, such as Zanzibar. Thus, all applicants are advised to read up about the regions that they plan to travel to while visiting Tanzania to ensure that their vaccination record meets all the requirements.

Visa Processing Time from South Sudan

Travelers from South Sudan who wish to apply for the Tanzania e-Visa are advised to do so at least seven days prior to their date of departure. While the visa applications are in most instances processed within just four to six days after the application form has been completed and the required fee paid, there is a slight possibility that it can take longer than six days. It is, thus, strongly recommended to apply well in advance to reduce the chances of disappointment.

Lastly, it is also key to keep in mind that even when a Tanzania e-Visa has been approved, there is still a possibility that South Sudanese citizens can be denied permission to enter Tanzania. The immigration officials at the different border entry points ultimately make the final decision as to whom access to the country should be granted. Thus, travelers are advised to make sure that they have all the other supporting documentation that is needed before departing from South Sudan.