Tanzania Launches Online Information Portal about Ebola Virus

tanzania-launches online Portal Ebola Virus

The Government of Tanzania and tourism organizations primarily led by the Tourism Confederation of Tanzania (TCT) have developed a campaign to raise awareness and educate travelers on up-to-date health information regarding the West African ebola virus.

The campaign has been developed in order to help tourists and professionals in the travel industry by providing clear information related to the virus. The campaign involves a social media campaign and a website that will aim to provide travel and health advice, as well as precautions and necessary steps to remaining Ebola-free.

It is hoped that travelers will be able to use the website and corresponding social media information to be informed of regular updates.

Tanzania Health Campaign and New Portal for Education

Various institutions, both private and public, will support the campaign such as the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB), Tanzania National Parks Authorities (TANAPA), the Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourism, Zanzibar Commission of Tourism (ZCT), the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and the Ministry of Health & Welfare.

This initiative follows a similar campaign recently set up by The White House with the same aim to provide the public with timely, accurate information regarding public risk.

The service of Squire Patton Boggs, a leading law firm, has enabled the Tanzanian Tourism Industry to engage with their target audiences efficiently, based on an educative strategy aimed at the public and those who will be reading information displayed by the new portal for education. The website information will also aim to demonstrate many tourism possibilities and opportunities for travelers, in addition to up-to-date information related to health advice, predominantly for the Ebola virus.

Those taking part in the setup of the campaign have high hopes for the informative platform such as the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourism (MNRT), who has stated that “Tanzania depends on a strong and vibrant tourism industry and we support this joint initiative as we develop a consumer information portal for travelers to Tanzania”.

Richard Rugimbana, the Executive Secretary of the Tourism Confederation of Tanzania (TCT), has also expressed his interest and hope for the campaign:


“This initiative will provide accurate information for travelers to Tanzania and reinforce our nation’s long historical record of safe travel for tourists, the lack of Ebola outbreaks in Tanzania, and to provide a one-stop shop for travelers to learn about travel to Tanzania and its many travel and tourist offerings”.

Health and Safety Information for Popular Tourist Destinations in Tanzania

This is the first time that an initiative as such has been developed amongst the nations of Africa with Tanzania aiming to gain consumer confidence and provide reliable information to both professionals in the tourism industry and travelers. The program focused on health and safety in East Africa is expected to launch in November.

The most popular tourist locations such as Zanzibar, Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, and the Ngorongoro Crater will have a key focus with the initiative set to reach tourists traveling to these places in Tanzania. There will be an overall focus on health and travel advice covering the whole of Tanzania as well, for those traveling in diverse areas.

Other popular tourist areas in Tanzania include the Ruaha National Park, renowned for its incredible range of bird species (over 400) and the largest herd of elephants, the largest game reserve in the world, the Selous Game Reserve, and other wildlife parks such as Gombe Stream National Park which does specialist chimpanzee conservation work. The project will also aim to promote new tourist locations and uncover some of Tanzania’s undiscovered hotspots for travel.