Tanzania Visa on Arrival

How to Obtain a Visa on Arrival in Tanzania

Information regarding the Tanzania visa on arrival, who needs a visa on arrival for Tanzania and further information on the requirements for applying for visa on arrival at Tanzania’s border.

Who Needs a Visa on Arrival for Tanzania?

Any foreign national who is eligible for a Tanzania visa is also eligible for a visa on arrival. However, it is recommended to apply for a visa prior to visiting Tanzania. There are different types of visa for Tanzania, as well as a list of countries that must apply for a referral visa, which involves a lengthier screening process.

The following countries are able to visit Tanzania with a visa. If you are from any of the following countries, you are required to have a visa for Tanzania in order to pass through immigration control at the various ports of entry:

Congo* – Congo, The Democratic Republic of

SGSSI* – South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

The above countries are eligible to apply for the Tanzania visa scheme. If you are a foreign national from one of the countries listed above, you must apply for a Tanzania visa or a visa on arrival in order to enter Tanzania.

Visa on Arrival Requirements for Tanzania

In order to be eligible for a Tanzania visa on arrival, it’s recommendable that you read through the entry requirements prior to departure. Those who require a referral visa are advised against traveling to Tanzania directly without applying for a visa beforehand.

The Tanzania tourist visa on arrival must be paid at the border and usually costs approximately USD 50, although it can cost up to USD 100. In order to be eligible for a visa on arrival, you will be asked to provide evidence of your return journey at immigration.

Applicant’s passports must be valid for 6 months from the date of visa application.

While it is possible to get a Tanzania visa on arrival, it is recommended by most foreign travel entities that you apply for a visa for Tanzania in advance.

Can I get a Tanzania Visa on Arrival?

Foreign nationals arriving to Tanzania by land or by air are currently required to have a valid Tanzania visa. Immigration authorities allow travelers to obtain a Tanzania visa on arrival, requiring them to pay the prescribed application fees in cash, and to present multiple requirements such as the ones listed above, as well as vaccination certificates for yellow fever.

Getting a visa on arrival for Tanzania can only be done in person at one of the five entry ports along the Tanzanian border and, more often than not, involves waiting in line for extended periods of time.

Travelers wishing to avoid queueing at their arrival are highly advised to apply online for a Tanzania eVisa prior to their departure. Online application is a straightforward process. It allows visitors arriving in Tanzania with various purposes such as tourism, business, and transit, a quicker and smoother entry into the country, enhancing efficiency at border control and immigration, and reducing waiting times during their transit.

There is currently no option to get a visa on arrival online. It is highly recommended that international travelers depart towards Tanzania with a printed out copy of their approved Tanzania eVisa before their trip. In the event that they do not have an eVisa, they still have the option to queue at one of the entry ports in order to obtain a visa on arrival in person from a Tanzanian immigration officer.

Tanzania Visa on Arrival Validity Period

The length of stay given with the Tanzania visa on arrival depends on the port of entry. It is, therefore, better to apply for a visa for Tanzania prior to traveling if you know that you would like to travel for up to 3 months. The Tanzania eVisa is a quick process that can be completed online.

Your eVisa will be approved prior to departing on your journey and will make your arrival in Tanzania much easier.